Billboard – Coca-Cola’s style

Like, just a 16 m holographic billboard.


Swiss posters

An inspirational collection of swiss posters from 1970 to the present. You can browse the collection by topic or search it by category, designer, date or other key words.

Saving lives has never been sexier

Nice viral campaign created by Red Urban (Toronto) for Fortnight Lingerie.

Friday’s tune

Puma is stretching

I just found out that Puma has released a line of city bikes. Now, I’m aware that this may come like a shock to you, but I’m pretty sure that I know what their next big step will be in terms of brand extension… (drums, please)… the electric/green/nature-lovin’ car. 99,1% certainty.

Who’s who in the zoo

Poster (dated 1936) promoting the book “Illustrated Natural History” prepared by the WPA Federal Writers Project.

Murder, first degree