Billboard – Coca-Cola’s style

Like, just a 16 m holographic billboard.



  Andrei wrote @

Super tare :)

  kellijames54532 wrote @

Come on, lesbians are not women. So said Martina Hingis and Lyndzy Davenport.nBut seriously, I forgot to put my “” on those sentences.nLynx is a cat, and Judy and Judy did talk about cats and its feminine connotation.nBut still, lynx is dangerous and fierce.nFunny you say that the cat doesn’t look like a wild animal.nJD said lynx is actually endangered.nAnyway, I assume the reason for selection of the name Lynx is a “female” version of “TimberWolves”, same as many other teams owned by the local NBA teams.n(Also Sacramento: Kings v.s. Monarchs, Phoenix Suns v.s. Mercury…) Come on

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